A dental crown can be thought of as a permanent cap or covering that fits over an original tooth that is either decayed, broken down, damaged or cracked. Crowns can be manufactured from different materials including, but not limited, to gold alloys or tooth coloured porcelain and ceramics.

Our team at Walloon Dental will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each material and advise which one is suitable in your particular circumstance. Crowns generally require two appointments to finish.
1st Appointment: The tooth is prepared and impression taken which is sent to our local dental laboratory and in the meantime a temporary crown is placed over the tooth
2nd Appointment: The temporary restoration is removed and the crown tried in and cemented or bonded on to the prepared tooth.
At Walloon Dental we only use Australian based dental labs ensuring that quality, reliable and safe materials are used to construct your crown. A dental crown mimics the natural anatomy of your tooth and provides a strong and resilient restoration that can last many decades.